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North Campus Co-op Quick Info

This page gives a five minute blurb about the most important things on your mind as you consider moving into Renaissance or O'Keeffe. For a more detailed/rambling account, see the FAQ.

Overall, the North Campus co-ops cater to a rather different type of member than most of the Central Campus co-ops. Our members are primarily graduate students (masters and PhD), recently graduated professionals, and mature/studious undergrads. Our meals and inventory are professionally managed (by our chef), and members sign for specific rooms.


The North Campus Co-ops are comprised of two houses (Renaissance and O'Keefe) that share one building (Escher). All members of both houses have access to Escher's many amenities (see below). Each house has its own house officers, house constitution, and most importantly its own character. Typically, approximatively 80 people live in O'Keeffe and 60 people live in Renaissance. To create a tighter sense of community despite so many people, each house is further subdivided into a series of suites. Each suite is equipped with its own lounge & kitchenette. The suite's sixteen(ish) members are split into four hallways of four rooms, each with a shower room and a toilet room to serve its inhabitants (although you're free to use other hallways' showers and toilets if your own is occupied). For more information on the organizational structure, see here.



The North Campus Co-Ops are located on the North Campus (duh) of the University of Michigan. Prospective members whose departments/classes are based on the Central or Medical Campuses may worry about commuting, but as the map below shows, transportation options are plentiful. Notably, a Bursley-Baits bus arrives every ten to fifteen minutes at a stop just a hundred feet from the co-op during the Fall and Winter semesters and gets our members to Central Campus within fifteen minutes. We're also conveniently located near several restaurants, grocers, and other shops.

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  • Unlike with most of the Central Campus co-ops, Renaissance and O'Keefe members sign for specific rooms, can choose the size (small vs. large), and can choose whether or not to have a roommate.
  • Most members live in singles, although some opt to live in doubles (a double is just a Large inhabited by two people) - see Cost for how much you can save by choosing a double
  • All rooms come with the following furnishings (two of each for a double)
    • 1 Dresser (four drawers)
    • 1 Armoire (free-standing closet)
    • 1 Desk
    • 1 Chair
    • 1 twin extra long bed (39 inches wide x 80 inches deep, or 1 meter wide x 2.05 meters long). This includes a bedframe frame with springs and a mattress but no sheets
  • Small Rooms
  • Large Rooms
  • For more information on rooms, see here.


Monthly charges vary from year-to-year based on the budget we (the members) establish. In past years, however, monthly charges have been as follow...
Type Fall/Winter Charges ($) Spring/Summer Charges ($)
Small Single 690.00 575.00
Large Single 810.00 642.00
Large Double 555.00 530.00

For more information on costs, see here, and for more information on contracts, see here.

Work Requirement

You owe labor to each of the following:
Example Task Average Time/Week
Your House Helping the chef cook dinner 3 Hours
Your Suite Vacuuming the stairs 15 min.
Your Hallway Cleaning the bathroom 15 min.*
Total: 3 1/2 Hours
*Actually more like 1 hour/month, but this is the weekly average

For more information on work requirements, see here.


Types of Food:
Always AroundLunch PrepDinner Entrée
  • Cereal
  • Fresh fruits
  • Sliced bread (white, whole wheat, 12 grain, etc.)
  • Oatmeal
  • Frozen waffles
  • Frozen veggie burgers
  • Milk
  • etc.
  • Sliced turkey/ham/salami
  • Sliced cheese
  • Tuna/chicken/egg salad
  • Hummus
  • etc.

Meat Option:

  • Baked Fish
  • Chicken Gyros
  • West African Peanut Soup w/Chicken
  • Tuna Noodle Casserole
  • etc.

Veg./Vegan Option:

  • Tofu Stir-fry
  • Falafel Gyros
  • Broccoli and Edamame Soup
  • Pasta w/Greens and Beans
  • etc.


  • Scandanavian Blend Vegetables
  • Greek Salad
  • Banana Pudding
  • Butterscotch Cashew Bars
  • etc.

  • Always around: Always (duh) - these items are restocked daily in the two dining halls, from whence you can grab them whenever you like.
  • Lunch prep: Some subset always - these items are prepared several times per week by lunch prep crews. The types of food available depend on what the lunch prep crews choose to make, but whatever they prepare is always available in the fridges in either dining hall.
  • Dinner Entrée: Served from 6pm tp 7pm - dinner items are set at the beginning of the week by the chef, and served between certain hours. If you're not going to be around at dinner time, you can request to have a meal saved for you.

For more information on meals, see here.


The following amenities come with your room:
  • Utilities
    • Electricity
    • Heat
    • Water
  • Technology
    • High-speed Internet (via Wi-Fi b/g throughout the House)
    • Flatscreen HD TVs in every lounge (one per suite)
    • Satellite TV with HD TVs
    • Bluray-Enabled DVD Players with HD TVs
  • Food
    • Dinner served almost every evening of the year
    • Other foods available at all hours (see Food above)
  • Laundry
    • Free use of House washing machines and dryers for laundry
    • Free detergent powder
  • Parking and Transport
    • Competetively-priced parking that's private to co-op members
    • Two-minute walk from University and AATA bus stops (see Location above)