Providing affordable student housing since 1932

Find out what it means to be ICC!

More than just housing – the Inter-Cooperative Council provides a fertile environment to expand your horizons. A place where students learn, support, lead.

Are you getting the most out of your student housing??

It’s tough finding decent housing in Ann Arbor, let alone:

  • A community where you have a voice
  • Well-maintained, furnished, and affordable housing close to both UM campuses
  • Home cooked meals and groceries ordered to your home
  • Student jobs that have impact on you and your housemates
  • A place where your money is spent on improving your home and happiness
  • Where you’re more than just another tenant – you’re a contributor

What you’re really missing out on are all of the benefits of a coop!

The ICC is now Signing for Fall/Winter 2022-23

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Current date – April 30, 2023

Winter Term

January 1, 2023 – April 30, 2023


First Winter Board Meeting

Required for all Board of Directors (BoD) and Coordinating Committee (CoCo). Members are encouraged to come for member time! BoD Meeting Schedule here. Location: ICC… read more

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Changing Lives For Over 80 Years

Since 1932, the Inter-Cooperative Council has empowered students just like you.

At ICC leaders are created – an environment that encourages free thinking, community action and informed decisions. Learn how to effectively lead by listening, understanding and identifying through community governance.

ICC is place where a little hard work pays off – where you put in a few hours a week making sure your house is a home. Members work together – pitching in with a couple of tasks each week – to make your house comfortable, unique and awesome. You want a home, right? Not a bed. Not just a room. Not a run-down apartment. A home you’re proud of claiming.

And ICC sustains your legacy – sustaining affordable living in well-maintained historic spaces. And the best part: you have a direct impact on your spending – being a member and investor in a shared community. Your money doesn’t just go into the hands of a wealthy management company who cares less for your well-being than a steady rent stream (that seems to keep going up!) We value your participation – and that should be evident by how the ICC community is so deeply intertwined.

But don’t just take it from us, see what alumni have been saying about living at ICC houses, and discover how our members have grown into exceptional people in general.

  • "Getting to know my housemates better, gaining real managing experience in the house that I live in, and working together with other house stewards to make our house the best place possible to live."

    Vail co-op

    "What makes the ICC so rewarding is the incredible support I have from my TWO communities - both Lester and Nakamura, and the extremely encouraging feedback I have from my coworkers and fellow staff members."

    Lester and Nakamaura co-op's

    “The ICC is community in a beautiful and impactful way that is unique for Ann Arbor, particularly for AA youth/ students.”

    Black Elk & King alum
  • "Living in the ICC has changed my life in terms of how I want to live and grow with other humans and communities. It is a mix of challenging, supportive, eccentric, and liberating. Living in Vail House this past year has redefined family and home for me. I'm forever grateful <3"

    Katey Lynn
    Vail Alum

    "Seeing house operations run smoothly and people are getting along with each other is a rewarding moment for me. When houses are clean, members are generally happy and there are very few complaints."

    Owen co-op

    “Living and working together with other house members is not only a learning and growing experience, but flat-out fun.”

    Escher co-op