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Membership Survey Still Open!

Friday, April 7th, 2023

Please complete our biannual member survey!

The information we gather on this survey is vital for the ICC: it gives us a picture of who our membership is and what they value, it provides a health check on our operations for us to reflect on, and it helps inform policy decision making on how we can improve.


Fill out the survey here to have your voice as an ICC member heard:

Graduation Cords

Friday, April 7th, 2023

Congrats ICC Grads! We are so excited be able to offer ICC grad cords once again this year. We currently have some cords left from the last year and would appreciate if you can fill out this form ASAP so we know how many to order. Cords are single with green and gold braided strands. Orders will be dispersed by Ruthy/MarCo. They will be dropped off at once with a list of names of who ordered. Thank y’all for being so cooperative over the time you’ve spent here, and once again, congratulations!

WAM Year in Review

Friday, April 7th, 2023

not perfectly chronological & not comprehensive




Moving forward


WAM Review & Awards

Friday, April 7th, 2023


TL:DR WAM keeps our non-profit status alive, allows us to celebrate each year, is representative of our community, and meant to be chill not formal.

I’ve had the privilege of attending nine Winter Annual Meetings(WAM). Not only have I attended, I was the primary staff member responsible for ensuring the event occurred. I must confess that providing support and attending is far more chill than organizing! They’ve all been unique (WAMMYs, Space WAM, Wild Wild WAM) and lately. . . digital (thanks covid.) Not only did we crawl out from behind our screens this year to be in person, we also changed venues. Historically we’ve always used the church located near Linder, King, Ruths’ and MichMinnies. While it was cost effective it wasn’t the greatest fit for our membership.

This year we rented out the Anderson Room at the Michigan Union which is centrally located and included a buffet. This year, our new Director of Education & Training (Pink) and their central leaders utilized an interfaith lens of reflection as our theme. We postponed our dinner to ensure we could support our members fasting and we broke the fast with dates and uplifting words from our VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Alhan. We welcomed our alumni and heard from co-op legend Jim Jones who inspired us to “Make no small plans, for they do not have the power to stir the soul.” VP for Marketing & Recruitment Ruthy gave an overview of our accomplishments throughout the year (worth checking out) and we installed our new President Keara Broome. We had enough members show up and vote to pass our referendum to support our property tax exemption.

The really really really new addition this year, was the forum play. The play process is based off the Theater of the Oppressed methodology brought to us by Pink and casted by your very own housemates. The actors created a 2-3 minute scene revolving around a housemate not washing their dish and getting called out aggressively. Guest Joker Jasmin Cardenas guided the audience through participatory actions and outcomes that really broke down the scene and gave the attendees a glance into how oppression shows up in our houses. Members were able to engage with the scene, discuss various issues, provide some context, and try out solutions that really encourage our cooperative spirits.

Nine WAM’s later. . . . that was the coolest thing I’ve experienced and the most engaged I’ve seen the entire crowd.

Did you attend WAM?

Did any of your housemates?

Has anyone shared the achievements, awards, and awesomeness of the event? I hope so.

I hope that we can continue to highlight our community and utilize WAM as a way to come together as we are not how we’re expected. 

Stop by next year. . . doesn’t matter if you live with us still or have moved on. . . we’re all a part of this vast community and welcome everyone as alumni upon departure. Just make sure you fill out your share return lolz.

McKinney V Parrish
Director of Communications

Award Winners

Cooperator of the Year: Seth Flynn

Golden Hammer: Brooke Hudson & Marius Vava

Lifetime Achievement in Maintenance: Archie Mangus

Golden Wallet: Tony DiMeglio & Tess Eschebach

David L Smith Scholarship: Kim Swineheart & Audrey Elberger



Brooke & Marius


Tony & Tess

Kim & Audrey

Referendum Passed!

Friday, April 7th, 2023

Authors: Julian Tabron and Brian Donovan
Section 1
Background: In the Winter 2022 term, the ICC was granted property tax exemption status from the City of Ann Arbor Tax assessor. The tax assessor for the City expressed concern with shares of the ICC conveying ownership of houses and other assets. The tax assessor stated that we need to remove language in our Articles and Incorporation & Bylaws that refers to members as “owners”. The word “own” must ensure it refers to the ICC as the owner and that benefits are not distributed among members. Distribution of assets or net earnings is in direct violation of non-profit status. Brian Dahlk, a CPA at Wegner CPAs, revues our bylaws and recommends a couple of changes to remove any ambiguity that could be read into the language as currently written. These changes are necessary to ensure we continue to receive property tax exemption for the future. The following changes must be voted on at the Winter Annual Meeting to be enacted.

Section II
Background: ICC GM Brian Donovan presented a review of the ICC Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation to the Board of Directors meeting on 09/23/2022. He recommended the following changes below, because the organizations mentioned in the Articles of Incorporation no longer exist. Therefore, if the ICC were to dissolve and sell its assets, we could not fulfill this requirement in the Articles of Incorporation. The ICC should redetermine which non-profit organizations that we could donate the proceeds to in the near future.

Referendum Proposal

Election Results

Friday, April 7th, 2023

President: Keara Brooome 
VP Operations: Seth Flynn
VP Finance: Eliot Baker
VP Education: Cody Quiroz
VP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Joseph Fisher
VP Facilities: Alex Zittleman
VP Marketing and Recruitment: Genevieve Rivet

Candidate Statements