Providing affordable student housing since 1932


Student housing for people, not for profit!

The Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan is a nonprofit cooperative providing affordable housing to U of M, Eastern Michigan, Washtenaw County Community College, and other full-time college students who meet our eligibility requirements.We also offer housing to Visiting Scholars, Summer academic programs, and non-students (subject to approval by individual houses). The co-ops are an ideal place to meet new people and participate in a welcoming community. We offer housing in 16 properties surrounding the UM campus.

Because there is no landlord making a profit, the co-ops are the best deal in town. Individual house budgets are set by the house membership at the beginning of each term (and consistently run at least $200/month less than the residence halls!) How do we keep our costs so low? We cooperate! Everyone shares the common space in the house, the work (you contribute around 4 hours of cooking, cleaning, office work, etc), and the democratic governance of the house and organization.

Here are steps to signing a contract with the ICC: