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Spring/summer 2021 Housing

2021 Spring/summer contract signing information.

The ICC is accepting applications for 2021 Spring/summer contracts from current 2020-21 members, new 2021-22 members, and new prospective members.

Contract dates

Contract Term Start date End date
Spring/summer May 3, 2021 August 20, 2021
Spring May 3, 2021 June 26, 2021
Summer June 27, 2021 August 20, 2021



Any member, with any student status, can sign for Baker House during the spring/summer. Members can apply to stay in their current house or a different house for spring/summer. Specific room signing is only applicable to Escher and Baker House. 

Escher House- The following suites will be closed for summer renovations:

  • Zapata
  • Bag End
  • Sinclair: 16-19, 26-29


Charges for Spring/summer have been posted to individual ICC house pages. Please note that these are estimates, as your house will vote on it’s budget in May.



In order to receive the roommate credit, you must list the name of your roommate on your application. The credit will apply only after the House President confirms you and your roommate live in the same room.

Important Dates:

June 26,2021-Spring Term ends.

June 27, 2021-Summer Term begins.

August 20, 2021-Summer Term ends.


Thank you,
ICC Housing Staff

(updated 5/24/21)