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2020 Spring/summer Housing: Current and New 2020-21 members

2020 contract signing information.


The ICC is updating the high balance limit for current members with a future contract. Please visit the Member Portal for more information.

Members can apply to stay in their current house or a different house for spring/summer. Specific room signing is only applicable to Escher and Baker House, all other houses are by spaces. 

Proof of student status will be asked for beginning April 1, 2020, but not required to be on file until April 21, 2020. Non-students will not need to be re approved by the house, unless the member is switching houses. Current approvals on file are valid for three years.

Any member, with any student status, can sign for Baker House during the spring/summer. 


Due to the Coronavirus crisis and recommended Social Distancing Policy, ALL ICC rooms will be signed as single occupancy. To assist members with their finances, but ensure that they are able to afford monthly charges, each member will be charged the ICC double rate, plus utilities and house charges. This applies to Baker and Escher Houses as well.


Important Dates:

March 12, 2020:   Current 2019-20 members can submit applications for 2020 spring/summer.

March 12, 2020:   New 2020-21 members can submit applications for 2020 spring/summer.

April 1, 2020:  All members (current and future) can apply for non-standard contracts.

April 15, 2020:  Current 2019-20 members can apply for Short Term Extension contracts (STECs)


Thank you,
ICC Housing Staff