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2020 ICC Spring/summer charges

(Additional information will be added as it becomes available)

ICC charges during the spring/summer are term based, not month based. The charges below are estimates; final charges will reflect house charges updates and Finance Department review of ICC charges.

Members can be assessed additional charges (pet fees, house fines, leadership credits, etc).

Reminder: Always check house availability before applying.

ICC House Charges per term
Black Elk $788
Debs $638
Lester $688
Linder $720
Luther $674
MichMinnies $688
Nakamura $688
Osterweil $688
Owen $688
Ruths’ $638
Truth $718
Vail $688
Baker Small single $712
Baker Large single $784
Escher Small single $844
Escher Large single $883

Example of how spring/summer charges work:

ICC member “Guff” will live at Nakamura House for the Spring Term. Nakamura is charging $688 per term. Guff will be charged $344 May 4th,  and $344 June 1st.