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Boarding at the ICC!

The ICC provides food-only (boarding) contracts for individuals who are interested in joining the ICC’s community, but choose not to live in our houses. Signing a boarding contract means that you can eat ALL your meals at your designated house. Produce and ingredients are bought in bulk by a house officer in order to keep cost low. Dinners are made five nights a week by your housemates. That means that on most weeknights you get a hot, homemade dinner (plus access to the house’s kitchen & ingredients) within walking distance of campus. Plus you get the benefits of joining our intentional community and engaging with us on your own time.


How much does it cost?

  • The initial cost of signing a contract is $150. This is made up of:
    • $50 of refundable member shares
    • a $100 one-time, non-refundable membership fee
  • The monthly cost ranges between $120 – $350, depending on which house you choose.
    • Central campus monthly boarding charges range between $120 and $200.
    • Escher (our north campus house) has ~$350 monthly boarding charges
      • Escher has a chef that prepares house dinners, so her salary is accounted for with higher house charges than other houses. 


Which houses offer boarding contracts?

  • All of our houses except for Debs, Linder, Owen, and Ruths’ are boarding houses and offer boarding contracts. 


Expectations of Boarders

  • Boarders are full members of the cooperative which means that they must meet the same expectations of room-and-board members such as acting cooperatively, following community agreements, completing weekly house labor, and participating in house-related activities such as biweekly house meetings. 


How to become an ICC Boarder

  • Visit your preferred house! Email house leadership via the “Contact Us” page on our website to set up a time to tour the house & meet your potential fellow community members.
  • Submit an application on our website and follow the instructions for documentation and payment processing that the Housing Department sends you. 
  • Once signed, you’re good to go! Your house leadership will give you door codes and will walk you through next steps (probably over a house dinner).