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Winter 2020 Housing and availability

General information

The ICC has spaces available for housing for our Winter 2020 term.

Winter Term contract dates are current date to May 3, 2020.  The amount due at time of signing will include $500 for membership shares(refundable), and $100 for membership fee (non-refundable, one time only).

If you need a contract with dates beyond May 3, 2020 (Spring/Summer), a separate contract will need to be signed. Those leases will be available to sign in March 2020.


Availability information

Baker Graduate, Escher, and King Apartment House spaces are room specific. Your contract will include a specific room number.

For all other houses, room occupancy and room assignments (single, double, triple) are determined at the house level, regardless of member request. Contact the House President for more information.

Availability and Cost

House Name Charges Units Available

House Name Charges Units Available