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ICPSR Summer Housing information

The Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) has offered housing to ICPSR Summer Program participants for over fifty years. We are happy to welcome any ICPSR participant. We are able to offer contracts that match the dates for both sessions. If you would like to stay longer, please contact us to discuss our rates.

All of our houses are member run and managed. Everyone works together to keep the house clean and maintained. All members, including ICPSR participants, will be required to complete at least 4 chore hours a week which may include cooking, cleaning, office work, or serving as a house officer.

Currently, all ICC houses offer room and board (meals), except for Debs, Linder, and Ruths’. Boarding Houses serve dinners at least 2-3 nights a week, and they also stock food for breakfast and lunch. All of our houses have different personalities and quirks. House culture changes every term as old members leave and new members move in, but there are some constants.

Our houses do not have central air. Bedrooms are furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, and chair. All bedrooms are single occupancy. Visitors will need to bring their own linen. Click here for more house-specific information.


Here are some houses we recommend for ICPSR participants:

Baker: This house is primarily for graduate students, so ICPSR participants may find likeminded peers here. This house can be social, but the events will be small and house-only.

Gregory: This house is very quiet and clean. It is also strictly substance free, so program participants would have to sign an agreement to not bring substances into the house while living at Gregory.

Osterweil: Clean, quiet, and studious. This house is very close to downtown Ann Arbor and campus.

Ruths’: This house is small, calm, and clean. Located in the beautiful Kerrytown distrct, it is close to all of the excitement of Ann Arbor.

Owen: This house tends to be undergrad-centric. It is generally clean and well maintained. It has generous, open common spaces and large rooms. However, they are more social than all of the above houses. They may throw parties or other open events during the summer.

Most of our other houses are quite social and lively. They will likely hold parties over the summer, and most of the residents will be undergraduates. Particularly social houses include Black Elk, Debs, Luther, Michminnies, Nakamura, and Vail.

Availability  and boarding  status as of June 26, 2019. These charts are updated one to two times a week. (V) designates Vegetarian. * designates Pet Friendly.


Session Two: July 21, 2019 to August 17, 2019
Black Elk* 0 Boarding (V)
Debs 7 Non-boarding (V)
Gregory 0 Non-boarding
Linder* 3 Non-boarding
Luther* 9 Boarding
Michigan 0 Boarding
Nakamura 3 Boarding
Osterweil* 4 Non-boarding
Owen* 0 Boarding
Ruths* 0 Non-boarding
Truth* 16 Boarding
Vail 6 Boarding (V)


2019 Rates (one session rate-includes non-refundable shares and membership fee) due at time of signing contract:

LocationRoom sizeRoom locationsRates- 1 session
Central CampusVaries by houseBasement-3rd floor$641
Escher Small single 80 sq feet1st-2nd floor$693
Escher Large single150 sq feet
1st-2nd floor$753