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2018 Spring/summer Rates

Charges are per person. We offer contracts for the full spring/summer (April 30 to August 18), spring (April 30 to June 23), and summer (June 25 to August 18).  Charges are prorated for members signing contracts after the start of the contract period depending on the start date of the contract.  

Members will be charged by the term, and will make payments in equal installments.

Example: Dana and Lindsay have signed a double contract for Linder for the Spring Term. Each member’s total charges is $509; and they each would pay $254 May 1st, and pay $254 June 1st.

Members are still subject to individual fines, pet fees(if they have a house approved pet), and rebates and assessments.

Central Campus Houses Spring or Summer Term Full Spring/summer Term
Rooming only single: $784/double: $509 single: $1,568/double: $1,017
Rooming and Boarding

(Black Elk, Michigan, Owen, Truth)

single: $904/double: $629 single: $1,808/double: $1,257
 Rooming and Boarding Houses have dinners cooked by house members 2-3 nights a week. Rooming only houses may have basic food staples.


Baker Graduate House Spring or Summer Term Full Spring/summer Term
Small single  $796 $1,592
Large single  $908 $1,816
Double $796 $1,592
 Baker room sizes vary. All Small and Large singles are not the same square footage.


 Escher House (North Campus)  Spring or Summer Term Full Spring/summer Term
 Small single $1,058 $2,116
Large single $1,170 $2,340
Double $956 $1,912
Escher Small singles are 80 sq ft; Escher Large singles and Doubles are 150 sq ft.