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酿造美味的咖啡类似于烹饪任何喜欢的食物。 正确的咖啡制作需要高质量的设备来精确控制水温,体积和酿造时间。 BUNN咖啡机通过控制所有这些元素来确保配方的一致性。 配方中剩下的唯一变量是研磨使用量的咖啡。

咖啡的量通常由研磨决定。 为获得最佳效果,我们建议采用滴灌介质研磨。

热水从咖啡粉中提取许多元素,有些是可取的,有些则不是。 味道和香气被称为强度,酸度被称为苦味。 增加研磨咖啡的量会产生更强的饮料,而减少它会导致一周或饮料。

随着咖啡粉量的减少,你会注意到并增加了饮料的苦味。 发生这种情况是因为在除去所有所需的味道和香味之后,热水开始除去不希望的元素,例如酸度。 新鲜的咖啡粉效果最佳。 始终将咖啡粉和凉爽干燥的地方与强烈订单的其他食品隔开。 储存在冰箱中时,请将其放入密闭容器中。


正确酿造后,最优质的咖啡粉和劣质咖啡粉之间的差异变得非常大。 使用BUNN咖啡机进行适当的酿造需要很少的努力。


  1. 始终从干净的设备开始。
  2. 始终使用新鲜的冷水。
  3. 始终使用BUNN纸咖啡过滤器进行适当的提取。
  4. 每个完整的锅(48盎司)使用2盎司的新鲜滴灌咖啡将为您提供始终如一的大咖啡,具有浓郁的味道和香气。 然而,真正的标准是个人品味。 调整配方,直到它适合您。 如果您需要制作较小的批次,请尝试使用较少的水和咖啡粉。
  5. 通过在瓷器加热器上设置除尘器,使饮料保持在正确的服务温度。 为了最新鲜的味道,不要将煮好的咖啡保存超过一个小时。

Decanter Handle Maintenance


将BUNN咖啡过滤器插入冲泡漏斗中。 (务必使用BUNN咖啡过滤器进行正确灌装。有区别。)


确保喷头紧固。 将咖啡漏斗滑入加热器开关下方的咖啡机中。 将滗水器盖在空滗水器上,然后将滗水器放在冲泡漏斗下方的加热器上。 将点亮的加热开关置于“ON”位置。

抬起铰接的翻盖,将水倒入啤酒制造商的顶部。 供应的水罐在装入48盎司线时将产生大约8盎司的6盎司咖啡。 您的BUNN Pour-Omatic将立即开始冲泡咖啡。

当酿造停止时,取出冲泡漏斗并丢弃过滤器和接地。 不要触摸热土。


通过省略过滤器和咖啡,可以使用相同的基本步骤来获得热水。 BUNN咖啡机的水温约为200°F。 这比您的水龙头的热水要热,必须小心处理。

Coffee Fundamentals

Brewing delicious coffee is similar to cooking any favorite food. Proper coffee making needs quality equipment to precisely control water temperature, volume, and brew time. The BUNN coffee brewer assures consistency in your recipe by controlling all these elements. The only variable is remaining in the recipe are the grind an amount coffee used.

The amount of coffee is generally determined by the grind. For best results we recommend a drip medium grind.

Hot water extracts many elements from the ground coffee, some desirable, some not. The taste and aroma are referred to as strength, the acidity as bitterness. Increasing the amount of ground coffee results in a stronger beverage, and decreasing it results in a week or a beverage.

As the amount of ground coffee decreases, you’ll note and increase in the bitterness of the beverage. This happens because hot water begins to remove the undesirable elements such as acidity after all of the desirable taste and aroma have been removed. Fresh ground coffee gives the best results. Always store the ground coffee and a cool, dry area away from other food items with strong orders. When stored in the refrigerator, keep it in an airtight container.

Brewing Tips

When properly brewed, the difference between the best quality ground coffee and a poor quality ground coffee becomes very dramatic. Proper brewing requires little effort with the BUNN coffee brewer.

You’ll always have a great coffee experience if you follow these tips:

  1. Always start with clean equipment.
  2. Always use the fresh cold water.
  3. Always use the BUNN paper coffee filters for proper extraction.
  4. Using 2 ounces of fresh drip grind coffee for each full pot (48 oz) will give you a consistently great pot of coffee with a full-bodied flavor and aroma. However, the real criteria is personal taste. Adjust the recipe until it suits you. If you need to make a smaller batch, experiment with less water and ground coffee.
  5. Keep the beverage at the correct serving temperature by setting the deanter on the porcelain warmer. For the freshest flavor, don’t keep brewed coffee for longer than an hour.

Decanter Handle Maintenance

Using a phillips screwdriver, periodically tighten the screw in the handle.

Insert a BUNN coffee filter into the brew funnel. (Be sure to use BUNN coffee filters for proper filling. There is a difference.)


Measure coffee into the filter and gently shake to level the bed of grounds.

Make sure that the sprayhead is tight. Slide the brew funnel into the brewer under the warmer switch. Snap the decanter cover on the empty decanter and place the decanter on the warmer beneath the brew funnel. Place the lighted warmer switch in the “ON” position.

Raise the hinged flip-lid and pour water into the top of the brewer. The water pitcher, supplied, will yield approximately eight 6-ounce cups of brewed coffee when filled to the 48 oz line. Your BUNN Pour-Omatic will begin brewing coffee immediately.

When brewing has stopped, remove the brew funnel and discard the filter and grounds. Do not touch hot grounds.

Hot Water

The same basic steps can be used to obtain hot water by omitting the filtr and coffee. The water from your BUNN coffee brewer is approximately 200°F. This is hotter than the hot water from your faucet and must be handled with care.