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Directions for Self-Service of GUFF Foods


  • 使用带有干净乙烯基手套的器具或手来取回午餐肉,奶酪,面包或晚餐剩菜。 每件物品都要使用单独的器具或手套。
  • 不要用裸手触摸食物。
  • 使用干净的器具来提供黄油,花生酱,果酱,人造黄油,蛋黄酱或其他可涂抹的食物。 为每个项目使用不同的器具,以避免将食物混合在一起。
  • 请不要长时间打开GUFF冰箱门。 温度的一致波动可能导致食物腐败。
  • 用勺子提供谷物或薯条。 不要将勺子留在食物中。
  • 体谅其他居民! 自己清理干净。

  • Use a utensil or hand covered with a clean vinyl glove to retrieve lunch meat, cheese, bread, or dinner leftovers. Use a separate utensil or glove for each item.
  • DO NOT use bare hands to touch food.
  • Use a clean utensil to serve butter, peanut butter, jam, margarine, mayonnaise, or other spreadable foods. Use a different utensil for each item to avoid mixing foods together.
  • Please do not hold the GUFF refrigerator doors open for extended periods of time. Consistent fluctuations in temperature can contribute to food spoilage.
  • Use a scoop to serve cereal or chips. Do not leave the scoop in the food.
  • Be considerate of other residents! Clean up after yourself.