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Conifer Chronicle

Conifer: a tree that bears cones and evergreen needlelike or scalelike leaves. Conifers are of major importance as the source of softwood, and also supply resins and turpentine.

Chronicle: a work of fiction or nonfiction that describes a particular series of events.

The Creative Communications Team (ICC-T) is proud to present the newly minted Conifer Chronicle! If you’re a returning member or alumni (us?) you may be wondering “What happened to the ICC Weekly Reporter?” . . . . yeah us too. . . just kidding, we know: labor shortages and updates in technological advancements has resulted in a dormant publication. After launching a new website and digging deep into our 75 year organizational roots, ICC-T was happy to work with our NASCO Intern to assess the utility, delivery and reliability of reviving member driven content.

From our brief trip down memory lane, we’ve gathered there have been three primary publications since the very early days of our incorporation. The Co-operator was documented as early as 1939 and included a special Alumni Co-operator edition in the summer while the Weekly Co-operator remained somewhat present since the ’70’s. Stay tuned for some glimpses into these historical publications as we hope to publish them on our website — — for all of our first timers.

ICC-T is a newer team approved by the Board of Directors that is responsible for creating, editing and promoting ICC central communications in all realms, including online through the ICC website, social media accounts, flyers, print, images, video and etc. This team was chaired by Aleah Pisarz (Black Elk, former NASCO Intern, current part-time staff) and supported by McKinney V Parrish (Rochdale, DMS), Rebecca Penny (Nakamura, VP for Marketing & Recruitment) as well as any interested members (MA or labor donated.) ICC-T hopes to bring fresh content monthly in print (delivered to all houses) and digitally through our website. Reach out and say hi, send some content, correct our grammar etc

2023-24 Conifer Chronicle Editors: Caitlin Hoyng, Zan Huang, Cryssy Miller, Mikah Rector-Brooks, and Erin Kurtycz.

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