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Creative Communications (ICC-T)


This brand book is a one-stop-shop for information about how we represent our organization both externally and internally. We are a long-lasting and large organization that has experienced repeated turnover of members and staff. This leads to inconsistencies in our brand and voice over time. Representing ourselves in the clearest and most accurate way possible allows us to leverage our own collective power. We can hand this brand book over to anyone so that they can represent our brand and voice authentically.

The Annual Report is a sneak peak into the inner workings of the ICC. We use this publication as an opportunity to showcase all of the accomplishments our Board, Committees, Teams, and Staff have completed over the past year, as well information on our finances and donors. While our Brand Book shows others who we are, our Annual Report shows them what we do.

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under construction 

Social Media

We utilize social media accounts for engagement with current members and alumni, greater brand recognition, and an opportunity to seek constant feedback. We view social media as more than a marketing tool – it’s a fun way to bring people together around common interests. We’re working on our communication plan so folks know that it’s not cool to post about bread in the social justice Facebook group or ask about a lawn mower on our non-profit organization page. There are two member admin accounts, ICC-T and Marco Cooper (MRC), and yes – they are in an open relationship. Members access these accounts to audit, monitor, and post content. Our social media accounts are listed to the below.

ICC at University of Michigan

Target Audience: current and prospective members
Group Setting: open
Admins: ICC-T & Staff
Post Types: posts directly related to ICC activities and events or the greater co-op community

Inter-Cooperative Council-Ann Arbor

Target Audience: current members
Group Setting: closed
Admins: ICC-T & VPs
Post Types: posts directly related to announcements, events, ideas, and pinecones

Alums of the Ann Arbor Inter-Cooperative Council

Target Audience: alumni
Group Setting: closed
Admins: ARC & ICC-T
Post Types: posts directly relating to former members

Co-opers in Conversations

Target Audience: current members
Group Setting: closed
Admins: ICC-T & VPs
Post Types: posts directly related to social justice issues that impact our members and community

Target Audience: public
Admins: ICC-T and ARC
Post Types: posts celebrating or showing pride in organization and member accomplishments