Providing affordable student housing since 1932


Nick Coquillard

General Manager

Nick was named full-time General Manager in September of 2014 and brings more than 25 years of student and cooperative housing and nonprofit management experience. Nick welcomes anyone, especially members, to reach out to him at Nick’s philosophy is to work together with staff to constantly grow as leaders and work as a cooperative team in support of the ICC’s mission, vision and principles. It is his goal to work in full partnership with the members, alumni and the greater community to help the ICC be the beacon for student housing cooperatives. The General Manager is the chief administrative officer responsible for overseeing the operational, financial and legal affairs of the corporation. Nick, as a direct employee of the member-run Board of Directors, oversees the management and maintenance of ICC assets. Nick also serves as the human resources officer including hiring and supervision of all ICC staff. He provides leadership in maintaining a productive, cost-effective, safe and legal workplace. He guides and advises the Board of Directors and its committees.

Ron Nelson

Director of Housing

Ron is the staff member to contact for any and all contract questions. This includes contract signing and contract release request for both current and prospective ICC members. He advises Membership Committee on any necessary rule updates to make the contract signing process as smooth as possible, and trains all house presidents on contract signing processes. Ron supervises the Front Desk, which is staffed by ICC members from every house. The Front Desk answers all emails and phone calls regarding housing availability, general housing inquiries, merchandise sales, and rental of the ICC truck.

Karin Keim

Director of Financial Services

As part of the ICC team, the Director of Financial Services (DFS) is responsible for all aspects of financial management and record-keeping for the ICC. The DFS leads the ICC’s corporate accounting as well as house accounting, including training and oversight of treasurers at the 18 cooperative houses owned and operated by the ICC. The DFS closes both the corporate books (annually) and the house books (biannually). The DFS works with the Board-approved auditor to complete the annual audit. The Director of Financial Services also works with the ICC Treasurer/Vice President for Finance, the Finance Committee and the staff team on budgeting, budget monitoring, collections and all finance-related policy issues. Karin is a CPA and has over 35 years of experience with co-ops and nonprofits in Michigan.

Geoff Mayers

Director of Maintenance

Geoff is an alum of MichMinnie’s Cooperative, a former maintenance manager, board rep, and house president.  He joined the ICC maintenance staff in 2005 and now serves as director.  Geoff’s responsibilities include managing house renovations from large to small. Geoff trains and assists houses in maintaining and improving their homes by conducting skill training sessions and working with members to solve specific house issues. Geoff works with staff and contractors to address more technical projects and with city inspectors to ensure we stay up to housing code. Geoff is also responsible for the development of the ICC Maintenance website and its contents.

McKinney V Parrish

Director of Communications

McKinney joined the ICC team as the Director of Member Services in 2014. After seven fun-filled “seasons” of figuring out 75 years of history and what exactly a “member service” was, they’ve transitioned to a new role. McKinney is ready and willing to tackle a massive barrier the organization faces. . . COMMUNICATION. Since the pandemic took priority over operations, McKinney will hit the ground running this Spring/Summer 2021 as the newly minted Director of Communications. McKinney is primarily responsible for Communication Strategy and Knowledge Management Support. They hope to achieve organizational goals by working cooperatively with the Communications Coordinator and Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment. McKinney hopes to dismantle the silos of central operations and remind members that they are in fact empowered to lead one of the oldest and somewhat largest student housing co-ops in the country. A big believer in the Leadership Challenge, McKinney continues to tackle the turnover and constant transitions by….

  1. Modeling the way
  2. Inspiring a shared vision
  3. Challenging the process
  4. Enabling others to act
  5. Encouraging the heart

All. . . at the speed of cooperation!

Patti Kardia

Director of Education and Training

As an alum of Escher and a current member of Ann Arbor’s Great Oak Cohousing Community, Patti was excited to join the ICC Staff team in June 2015! As the education and training manager, you may see her at the Fall Annual Meeting, New House Officer Training, or Cooperative Leadership Training. She advises the Diversity and Education committees, and works on elections and general leadership development for co-opers.

Andrew Moran

Maintenance Coordinator

Andrew got his start in maintenance work while living in the ICC from 2006-2010 at Nakamura and King Houses. From there, he worked for the University of Michigan Library as a facilities coordinator handling space planning, office moves, renovations, signage and special projects. Andrew is delighted to be back in the co-op system working on house improvement projects, preparing for housing inspections, addressing RFA’s, and assisting maintenance managers.

Deric Dropulich

Maintenance Technician
Maintenance Technician

Deric managed a painting crew for 12 years before joining the ICC as a Maintenance Technician in 2016.  Deric is our resident expert in painting, drywall, and various other skills. He tackles a variety of maintenance issues and projects in our homes and takes pride in continually improving our facilities.

Danny Edwards

Maintenance Technician

For 22 years, Dan Edwards was the lead carpenter for Clark Home Improvement, a company contracted by the ICC to do major projects such as siding and window replacements. So, although, Dan was formally hired by the ICC in 2012 as a Maintenance Technician, he had actually been working on ICC houses since 2002! While at his previous job, Dan was lead carpenter on major ICC siding projects at King, Ruths’, Lester, Linder and Debs. He also helped to replace windows at Truth and Escher. Now, as an ICC Maintenance Tech, he tackles smaller remodeling jobs and all types of maintenance issues facing our houses.

Susan Caya

Alumni Relations Coordinator

Susan is the staff liaison to the ICC Alumni Team (AT). Her job is to coordinate, assist and support the Alumni Team in the maintenance of an ICC Alumni Program. Some of her responsibilities include developing and maintaining relationships between the ICC and current alumni; alumni event planning; working with the Alumni Team to achieve strategic planning objectives; coordinating with the appropriate committees and staff regarding alum participation in ICC current member events; managing social media and connection projects and implementing a fundraising initiative.