Providing affordable student housing since 1932

Staff & CoCo

Bryant Hepp (he/him)

CoCo: President

Brian Donovan (he/him)

General Manager

Ron Nelson (he/him)

Director of Housing

Ron is the staff member to contact for any and all contract questions. This includes contract signing and contract release request for both current and prospective ICC members. He advises Membership Committee on any necessary rule updates to make the contract signing process as smooth as possible, and trains all house presidents on contract signing processes. Ron supervises the Front Desk, which is staffed by ICC members from every house. The Front Desk answers all emails and phone calls regarding housing availability, general housing inquiries, merchandise sales, and rental of the ICC truck.

Lenny (they/them)

Housing Services Coordinator

Lenny is a current master’s student at Eastern Michigan University studying gender, queer theory, and the psychology of sexuality. They are an alum of the ICC; having lived in Black Elk from 2015-2017, they reigned as House President and Board Representative and additionally worked as Spring/Summer Housing Coordinator in 2017. In their current position as Housing Coordinator, Lenny works with the Director of Housing to process applications and contracts, as well as managing the front desk, answering emails and phone calls, facilitating merchandise sales, and coordinating scheduling of the ICC truck.

Anna Nedoss

CoCo: VP for Operations


Director of Financial Services



Mary Beuscher (she/her)

Financial Services Coordinator

bio coming soon!

Sam Limerick

CoCo: VP for Finance

Geoff Mayers (he/him)

Director of Maintenance

Geoff is an alum of MichMinnie’s Cooperative, a former maintenance manager, board rep, and house president.  He joined the ICC maintenance staff in 2005 and now serves as director.  Geoff’s responsibilities include managing house renovations from large to small. Geoff trains and assists houses in maintaining and improving their homes by conducting skill training sessions and working with members to solve specific house issues. Geoff works with staff and contractors to address more technical projects and with city inspectors to ensure we stay up to housing code. Geoff is also responsible for the development of the ICC Maintenance website and its contents.

Drew Moran (she/her)

Maintenance Coordinator

Drew got started in maintenance work while living in the ICC from 2006-2010 at Nakamura and King Houses. From there, Drew worked for the University of Michigan Library as a facilities coordinator handling space planning, office moves, renovations, signage and special projects.  Drew is delighted to be back in the co-op system working on house improvement projects, preparing for housing inspections, addressing RFA’s, and assisting maintenance managers.