Providing affordable student housing since 1932

Staff & CoCo

Brian Donovan (he/him)

General Manager
Brian’s experience includes managing, developing, consulting, and lobbying on behalf of housing cooperatives during his time with The Cooperation Group, Collective Seeds Consulting Cooperative, University of Texas Inter-Cooperative Council and Austin Cooperative Business Association.  He has been work to promote and develop cooperatives and democracy for the last 20 years.  Brian has served on the board of directors for NASCO, Campus Cooperative Development Corporation.  He serves as a trustee at the Kagawa Fund and has been the chair since 2012.

Keara Broome

CoCo: President

Ron Nelson (he/him)

Director of Housing

Ron is the staff member to contact for any and all contract questions. This includes contract signing and contract release request for both current and prospective ICC members. He advises Membership Committee on any necessary rule updates to make the contract signing process as smooth as possible, and trains all house presidents on contract signing processes. Ron supervises the Front Desk, which is staffed by ICC members from every house. The Front Desk answers all emails and phone calls regarding housing availability, general housing inquiries, merchandise sales, and rental of the ICC truck.

Seth Flynn (he/him)

CoCo: VP Operations

Seth (he/him) is a current student at the University of Michigan studying sociology, urban studies, and the environment. He joined the ICC in fall 2021 and has lived in Owen House since serving as co-House President and Board Representative during this time. As VP for Operations, Seth and OpsCom are responsible for approving signing dates and policies, overseeing house operations, and supporting house leadership. If you need any house support or have a vision for the ICC you would like to see implemented, feel free to email Seth any time!

Lenny (they/them)

Director of Member Resources

Lenny is a married futch non-binary lesbian femboi, current graduate student, and former teaching assistant at Eastern Michigan University studying gender and queer theory. They are an alum of the ICC and the University of Michigan’s Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience (BCN) undergraduate program.

During their residency at Black Elk House from 2015-2017, they reigned as House President and Board Representative and held nearly every house officer position at least once (check out their mural in the mailroom!). Since moving to Ypsi, they’ve worked at the ICC as a temp Spring/Summer Housing Coordinator in 2017 and moved from part-time to full-time staff as Housing Coordinator from 2018-2022.

In their current role, Lenny at a glance manages ICC guff resources. This catch-all role includes management of merchandise, signage, supplies, the guff library, Education Center rentals, and guff truck usage, as well as advising the Conifer Chronicle editors and house Work Managers, sitting on the Dispute and Resolution Team (DART), offering mediation and conflict resolution facilitation, assisting with house re-theming efforts, and most often being the first person you see when you visit the Rochdale office.

Genevieve Rivet (she/her)

CoCo: VP Marketing & Recruitment

Pink Flowers (she/her)

Director of Education & Training

Pink Flowers is a Black trans artist, pleasure activist and educator, whose work is rooted in ancient shamanic, African trickster, and Brazilian Joker traditions. Pink uses Theater of the Oppressed, Art of Hosting, Navajo Peacemaking and other anti-oppression techniques, as the foundation of her theater-making, mediation, problem-solving and group healing practices.

She is the founder of Award-winning Falconworks Theater Company, which uses popular theater to build capacities for civic engagement and social change. She has received broad recognition, numerous awards, and citations for her community service. She has been a faculty member at Montclair State University, Pace University, and a company member of Shakespeare in Detroit.

She’ll be taking lead for the ICC sponsored Joy Project, a summer residency to explore joy at the intersection of queer, trans, Black, and indigenous identities.

Cody Quiroz

CoCo: VP Education

Joseph Fisher

CoCo: VP Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Mary Beuscher (she/her)

Financial Services Coordinator

bio coming soon!