Providing affordable student housing since 1932


Nick Coquillard

General Manager

Nick was named full-time General Manager in September of 2014 and brings almost 20 years of student housing and nonprofit management experience to the cooperative movement. The General Manager is the chief administrative officer responsible for overseeing the operational, financial and legal affairs of the corporation. Nick, as a direct employee of the member-run Board of Directors, oversees the management and maintenance of ICC assets. Nick also serves as the human resources officer including hiring and supervision of all ICC staff. Nick’s philosophy is to work together with staff to constantly grow as leaders and work as a cooperative team in support of the ICC’s mission, vision and principles. He provides leadership in maintaining a productive, cost-effective, safe and legal workplace. He guides and advises the Board of Directors and its committees. It is his goal to work in full partnership with the members, alumni and the greater community to help the ICC be the beacon for student housing cooperatives.

Susan Caya

Alumni Outreach Coordinator

Susan is the staff liaison to the ICC Alumni Team (AT). Her job is to coordinate, assist and support the Alumni Team in the maintenance of a vigorous Alumni Association. Some of her responsibilities include developing and maintaining relationships between the ICC and target alumni; implementing the AT strategic planning for the Alumni Program; coordinating with the appropriate committees and staff regarding alum participation in ICC current member events, social media and connection projects and inaugurating a fundraising initiative


Technology and Web Coordinator

Mohammad lived in Michigan and Minnies houses for three years and had this opportunity to serve in Tech team, Web team, and provide technological and network support for ICC office and houses. He had conducted several projects such as designing and deploying wired and wireless network over icc office and icc houses; develop several online applications utilizing MySQL, PHP, and AJAX Installed, configured, and supported all Windows, Linux and MAC servers throughout the organization; and managed and supported the entire LAN. He is currenly collaborating and consulting with Tech team and Web team to provide better services for ICC members, staff, committies, and teams.

McKinney V Parrish

Director of Member Services

McKinney recently joined the ICC team as the Director of Member Services [DMS] and is a licensed Social Worker. She is very excited to officially join the cooperative movement and become a resource for all members. McKinney will be working with the Dispute Assistance and Resolution Team (DART), Education committee and the Diversity committee. She was passed the Education/Training torch from legendary cooperator Susan Caya and will be organizing the annual member trainings. McKinney’s goal for the first few months is to meet with as many ICC members as humanly possible and hear about their experiences within the ICC community and what they would like to see from the DMS position. Feel free to connect with MVP at or 734- 249-9367 to schedule a meeting.

Patti Kardia

Member Services Coordinator

As an alum of Escher and a current member of Ann Arbor’s Great Oak Cohousing Community, Patti was excited to join the ICC Staff team in June 2015! As the education and training manager, you may see her at the Fall Annual Meeting, New House Officer Training, or Cooperative Leadership Training. She advises the Diversity and Education committees, and works on elections and general leadership development for co-opers.

Aleah Pisarz

Communications Coordinator

Aleah joined the ICC during the 2017 NASCO Cooperative Internship Program, and is currently our part-time Communications Coordinator working primarily with the Director of Member Services. She lived in and served on the executive board of Co-op Housing at the University of Maryland for 2 years while working towards her degree in Environmental Science and minor in Sustainability at UMD. She is interested in information management, social media, graphic design, and how cooperatives can communicate with their surrounding communities.

Personal goal: learn more about how ICC communicates both internally and externally
Department goal: figure out a good way to connect the website with internal resources so that they’re more accessible to members/the general public

Ron Nelson

Director of Housing

Ron is the staff member to contact for any and all contract questions. This includes contract signing and contract release request for both current and prospective ICC members. He advises Membership Committee on any necessary rule updates to make the contract signing process as smooth as possible, and trains all house presidents on contract signing processes. Ron supervises the Front Desk, which is staffed by ICC members from every house. The Front Desk answers all emails and phone calls regarding housing availability, general housing inquiries, merchandise sales, and rental of the ICC truck.

Elena Lamping

Housing Services Coordinator

Elena is a current master’s student at Eastern Michigan University studying gender, queer theory, and the psychology of sexuality. They are an alum of the ICC; having lived in Black Elk from 2015-2017, they reigned as House President and Board Representative and additionally worked as Spring/Summer Housing Coordinator in 2017. In their current position as Housing Coordinator, Elena works with the Director of Housing to process applications and contracts, as well as managing the front desk, answering emails and phone calls, facilitating merchandise sales, and coordinating scheduling of the ICC truck.

Geoff Mayers

Director of Maintenance

As Maintenance Coordinator, Geoff helps houses stay up to city housing code and to prepare for city inspections which happen every 2.5 years. This includes working with contractors and conducting our own inspections during non-city-inspection years. As the staff representative to the Maintenance Committee, Geoff trains and assists maintenance managers in how to tackle maintenance projects in the ICC. Geoff is also responsible for building and maintaining the ICC Maintenance website, managing the ICC Tool Crib, and handling various day to day tasks of ICC Maintenance. If you ever need assistance with completing projects at your house, Geoff can be reached via the Request For Assistance form (RFA), which can be found on the maintenance section of the ICC web page.

Andrew Moran

Maintenance Coordinator

Andrew got his start in maintenance work while living in the ICC from 2006-2010 at Nakamura and King Houses. From there, he worked for the University of Michigan Library as a facilities coordinator handling space planning, office moves, renovations, signage and special projects. Andrew is delighted to be back in the co-op system working on house improvement projects, preparing for housing inspections, addressing RFA’s, and assisting maintenance managers.