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ICC Interns

Gaby Abalo (2019)

Member Services Intern

Gaby is participating in the 2019 NASCO Internship Program to centralize communications and develop member resources. They are an MSU alumni where they studied Social Relations and Policy and were membership officer of Zolton Ferency cooperative house at the MSU Student Housing Cooperative for two years. They will continue living in the ICC to start their MSW at University of Michigan in Fall 2019.

Their cooperative interests include social accessibility, information management, and graphic design. They are excited to experience another cooperative housing system, and look forward to transferring any skills they learn from their internship experience to future collaboration with other mental health workers as a clinical social worker.

Rene Kiss (2018)

NASCO Intern

Rene is participating in the 2018 NASCO internship and will be working to strengthen communications of member services by updating and creating educational materials. She is a senior journalism major at Michigan State University where she served on the membership committee of MSU Student Housing Cooperative for nearly three years. She is interested in content and website management and is excited about gaining cooperative career experience this summer.

Aleah Pisarz (2017)

NASCO Intern

Aleah is participating in the 2017 NASCO Cooperative Internship Program, and will be working primarily with Member Services at ICC. She lived in and served on the executive board of Co-op Housing at the University of Maryland for 2 years while working towards her degree in Environmental Science and minor in Sustainability at UMD. She is interested in information management, social media, graphic design, and how cooperatives can communicate with their surrounding communities.

Personal goal: learn more about how ICC communicates both internally and externally
Department goal: figure out a good way to connect the website with internal resources so that they’re more accessible to members/the general public

Nino Capri (2017)

NASCO Intern (Alumni)

profile coming soon

Halie Albertson (2016)

NASCO Intern

Halie is participating in the 2016 NASCO Cooperative Internship Program, and will be working primarily with Member Services and Alumni Outreach. She recently graduated with a Master of Information from the University of Toronto, where she served as a member of the Board of Directors at Campus Co-Op. Prior to that, she lived in the Santa Barbara Student Housing Coops while earning a BA in French at UC Santa Barbara. She is interested in information management, archives, and how co-ops can best leverage these tools.