Providing affordable student housing since 1932

Joy Project


Project: Sylvia Rivera Cooperative House Joy Residency
Location: Rivera House, 900 Oakland Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Project Start Date: 07/1/2023
Project End Date: 08/18/2023
Compensation ($): $1000 stipend
Room & Board Included: Yes

Position Title: Artistic Resident

Application Deadline: 04/30/2023 and then on a rolling basis until program is full
Application: Google Form


Position Duties:

  • Artistic Influence on the Physical Space
    • Imagining and physically manifesting what a queer, trans, and BIPoC space looks like
    • Creating permanent and impermanent installations within/around the house
    • Collating the house library and resources
  • Decolonizing Rivera House
    • Reviewing and/or creating new policy for within-house liberatory cooperative procedures
    • Introducing theory, language, art, texts, conversations, spoken word, installations, how-to guides, tangible and intangible visions, zines, essays, and/or any other forms of realization for this space
  • Inspiration for this project: gens QTBPOC collective the need to claim physical space (article)

Desired Skills/Experience:

  • Passion in artistic social justice and service-based art
  • Living in a cooperative!
    • Understanding of co-op values, principles, and operations
  • Close experience with marginalized communities, namely the QTBIPoC community
  • Drive to create within inclusive, liberatory spaces
    • Willingness to use correct pronouns and names within this space

Brief Description of Organization:

We, the member-owners of the ICC, provide a home for students that equally embodies quality living, community and social equality, all within the cooperative movement. We continuously strive to maintain and improve our organization and our houses through shared work. We are committed to furthering our education by building life skills, a strong community, and personal relationships. We create and maintain a safe and affordable environment where our members feel comfortable and at home.

Type of Organization: Off-Campus Student Housing
Number of Members: 560
Number of Staff: 14

Brief Description of Rivera House:

The idea for this house is inspired by the work of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson towards Queer liberation and providing a home for Queer young people. Rivera house is a response to the unique challenges we see faced by Queer and Trans People of Color in the Ann Arbor area trying to find housing and community spaces where we feel we belong. While the house’s goal is to create and maintain space for these needs and experiences, Rivera house is open to anyone who would like to live there.

Type of House: QTBIPoC Safe/Brave Space
Number of Members: 7
Number of Staff: 1

Community Support:

Ruth Ellis Center (website)
Mission is to create opportunities with LGBTQ+ young people to build their vision for a positive future.

Spectrum Center (website)
Envisions an inclusive campus community free of discrimination in all forms where social justice inspires community engagement and equity.

Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (website)
Using the lens of race and ethnicity, MESA engages the campus community and transforms the student experience to build inclusive spaces and equitable opportunities for all.

Benefits of Project/Skills Development & Learning:

  • Free housing and food for the entirety of the residency
  • Fully furnished single room (bed, desk, dresser)
  • Shared common spaces (industrial kitchen, large living rooms, garden space, porch)
  • Exposure, networking opportunities, or the chance to showcase your work to a new audience
  • Boost your resume!
  • Letter of recommendation for future work and programs