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Kitchen Management

Job Description / Task List

Detailed Kitchen Manager Job Description

Basic Job Desciption:

  1. Be in charge of kitchen sanitation and organization.
  2. Pass annual EHS kitchen inspections.
  3. Institute and oversee appropriate procedures or policies to keep the kitchen clean, sanitary, and organized.
  4. Be responsible for keeping all dry food storage, refrigerators, and freezers clean and organized.
  5. Train cooks and cleaners on kitchen usage and systems.
  6. Work along with the Work Manager to ensure that proper kitchen cleans are completed.
  7. Work along with the Maintenance Manager to ensure all kitchen appliances are maintained and working properly.
  8. Work along with the Food Steward to keep the kitchen well stocked on all cleaning and usage supplies.

Sanitation Codes

EHS Kitchen Sanitation Worksheet - A checklist of proper kitchen use practices.

EHS Kitchen Inspection Form - Sample inspection form.

Kitchen Inspections - are required by the city of A2 and conducted by UofM's Department of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS). They happen once a year and are unannounced in order for the inspector to see houses in their regular sanitation practices.  The inspector will give the house a list of any citations to correct and return within a few weeks to inspect again.  If the citations are egregious the inspector can shut down the kitchen from use.


All dish-machine chemicals must be purchased from Gordon Food Service (GFS). Other kitchen supplies can also be purchased from GFS. Work with your house food steward to get a discounted rate and online ordering using our SBA account. You can set up regular GFS truck deliveries to your house or you can order to a GFS retail store and pick up there.
Ann Arbor GFS Retail Locations

Supplies Lists - with GFS product codes

  1. EHS Required Supplies List

  2. Essential Cleaning Supplies List

  3. Dish-machine Supplies Lists
    - Chlorine dish-machines - Most Houses
    - Heat dish-machines - liquid - Rivera
    - Heat dish-machines - powder - Escher & Truth

Test Strips

  1. Chlorine Test Strips - Maintain concentrations between 50 - 100 ppm.
    - for bleach cleaning solutions
    - for bleach sponge-soaking trays
    - for chlorine (Sanitizer E.S.) dish-machines

  2. Heat Test Strips - Maintain final rinse temperatures of 180° F.
    - for heat dish-machines

Kitchen Signs

  1. Printable Kitchen Signs
    - EHS requires signs designating "Food-Prep Sink" and "Hand-Washing Sink."
    - Various additional signs and labels for food prep, sanitation, and systems.

1st Aid Kits

  1. SmartCompliance First Aid Cabinet (ICC Provided)
    - The manufacturer webpage shows how the first aid kit restocking system works with complete details and contents.

  2. First Aid Kit Restocking
    - Please use this ICC Google Form to report all items for which you need refills. FamCom will place restock orders and distribute as necessary.


Food Storage (Dry & Cold)

  1. Keep food label stickers stocked.
  2. All food must be kept in proper storage containers.
  3. All guff food must be labeled with date prepared.
  4. All non-guff food must be labeled with name and date.
  5. Regularly clean out expired food.
  6. Regularly clean refrigerator/freezer interiors and storage shelving.

Counters & Trays

  1. Keep counters organized.
  2. Do not pile dishes in sinks & especially keep things clear from food disposal.
  3. ICC provides houses a tray for soaking all dirty silverware.
  4. ICC provides houses a tray for soaking sponges in chlorine solution.
  5. Prep chlorine solutions for cleaning counters & other food prep surfaces.

Grease Recycling

  1. Grease Recycling Chart
  2. ICC provides houses with a bucket and funnel for grease collection.
  3. A grease collection dumpster is located outside the Education Center behind Luther Co-op (1520 Hill St.)


  1. Ann Arbor Weekly Composting - April to November
  2. Ann Arbor Monthly Composting - December to March
    - Check website for pick-up schedule & full instructions.
    - Food scraps/waste are required to be in Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified bags to keep material from freezing to the carts.


Dish Machines

  1. Spreadsheet of Dishmachine Guides for All Houses
    - operation procedures
    - scrap tray & drain screen cleaning procedure (for dinner cleans)
    - spray arms cleaning procedure (for work holidays)
    - de-liming procedure (for work holidays)
  2. CMA Dishwasher User Training Video
    - also applicaple to other brands
  3. Appropriate chemicals & test strips with GFS product codes
    - Chlorine dish-machines - Most Houses
    - Heat dish-machines - liquid - Rivera
    - Heat dish-machines - powder - Escher & Truth
  4. Chemical concentration troubleshooting
    - Always keep chemicals stocked.
    - Contact maintenance staff if chemical tubes are not drawing liquids properly.
    - Only use 1-gallon containers for the sanitizing (yellow) chemical as the chlorine will break down too quickly for co-ops to be able to use the 5-gallon restaurant containers.

Stoves & Exhaust Hoods

  1. Working with gas valve & pilot lights (video)
    - Look to see where all of your pilot lights are before turning off the gas.
  2. Deep cleaning stove/oven & exhaust hood (tutorial)

Refrigerators & Freezers

  1. Routine Refrigerator Maintenance (diagram/photos)
  2. Cleaning Condenser Coils (video) - Essential for all commercial (stainless steel) units
  3. Always keep evaporator fan at back of freezer interiors clear for air flow.
  4. Keep temperature controls at proper level. Cranking up will exacerbate problems.
  5. Periodically defrost any non frost-free freezers.

Food Disposals

  1. Never allow objects to fall into food disposal
    - Keep counters organized
    - Keep a tray for soaking all dirty silverware
  2. What Not to Put Down a Garbage Disposal (tutorial)
  3. How to Fix a Garbage Disposal (tutorial)