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ICC Charge Accounts

The ICC has accounts at certain area businesses for your convenience.  The bills from these locations are mailed directly to the Maintenance Office for payment. "Full Access" accounts are businesses with an updated list of authorized buyers (ICC Maintenance Managers) mailed to them twice per year (S/S & F/W). "Requested Access" accounts are businesses that require confirmation from the ICC Maintenance Director before a purchase.

To use these accounts:

  1. (If intending to use a "Requested Access" account, first contact the Maintenance Director.)
  2. Accounts are registered under "Inter Cooperative Council". You will need exact spelling.
  3. Verify your identity with a photo ID.
  4. If asked whether your purchase is tax exempt the answer is yes. (The ICC is a 501c3 tax exempt organization.)
  5. When asked for a PO (purchase order) number, have them put down your house name as the PO (it does not matter that it is not a number).
  6. If the business uses a paper charge slip, write the name of your house next to your signature.
  7. Sign/write legibly.

Do not buy items not funded by maintenance or amenities accounts. Maintenance Funding Policies can be found in the first chapter of the Maintenance Policy Manual. If you would like to purchase something online or from another retailer, contact Maintenance Staff about getting reimbursed before making the purchase. All service/contractor calls other than businesses listed below should go through Maintenance Staff.

ICC charge accounts with FULL ACCESS for maintenance managers:

  Business Address City Phone
Exterminators EcoPest Livonia, 48154 734-522-6565
Hardware Central Campus Jack's Hardware 740 Packard St. Ann Arbor, 48104 734-995-0078
North Campus Carpenter Bros Hardware 2753 Plymouth Rd. Ann Arbor, 48105 734-663-2111
Home Improvement Lowes (East) 3900 Carpenter Rd Ypsilanti, 48198 734-477-5980
Lowes (West) 5900 Jackson Rd Ann Arbor, 48103 734-302-2400
Trash & Recycling Drop-Off Station 2950 East Ellsworth Ann Arbor, 48108 734-971-7400

ICC charge accounts with REQUESTED ACCESS for maintenance managers:

  Business Address City Phone
Hardware Stadium Hardware 2177 W. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor, 48103 734-663-8704
Lawnmower Repair Larry's Mower Shop 5040 Jackson Rd Ann Arbor, 48103 734-994-6555
Tool Rental A-1 Rental 2285 W. Liberty St. Ann Arbor, 48103 734-663-0060
Action Rental Center 4051 Carpenter Rd. Ypsilanti, 48197 734-971-8330
Window Screens Henderson Glass 3535 Carpenter Rd. Ypsilanti, 48197 734-677-3110

ICC Tax Exempt Form - The ICC is a tax exempt organization.  Use this form if purchasing for your house at a business without an ICC account.