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What to do in Case of an Emergency



If your house has a fire that can not be contained CALL 911 AND INITIATE THE FIRE ALARM!  Once the fire is under control, contact the Maintenance Staff.


Gas Leak

If there is a strong gas smell in your house please follow these steps.

  1. Shut down gas to the house.  The shut-off is located on the house gas meter.
  2. Call DTE Energy.
  3. Open windows.

If there is a weak gas smell, check to see if your pilot lights are out (water heater, furnace, gas stove, and boiler).  If they are out relight them or place an R.F.A. for staff assistance.


Water Leak

First shut off the supply of water.  Find the closest water valve or if necessary shut down the water to the house.  Then contain the water.  Use buckets and tarps.  Once this has been done contact the maintenance staff.


Leaking Roof

First contain the water.  Use buckets and tarps to minimize the damage.  Then find the source of the leak.  Contact the Maintenance staff.


Power Problem

If you have a downed power line call DTE Energy.  If you have power outages in a certain part of your house check the breaker/fuse box and all GFCI outlets.  Look to see if any breakers have been tripped or fuses are burnt out.  You can use extension cords as a temporary solution.  Place an R.F.A. for staff assistance in repairing the problem.


Heating Problem

If you loose heat first check your boiler/furnace room.  If you have boiler or steam heat make sure there is water supply and that you have power.  If you have forced air (furnace) make sure you have power and check the pilot light.  If you are unable to regain heat contact the Maintenance staff.


Bug or Rodent Problem

Please call Ernie the Bug Guy if you have any bug or rodent problems.  You DO NOT have to have approval to do this.  Please notify the Maintenance office once Ernie has been called.