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Member Spotlight

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Alaina Wright

House: Truth
Time in the ICC: 2 Terms
Current Position: Member Assistant

What are you passionate about? Video games, I’m a huge gamer and spend pretty much every second of my free time playing them 🙂

What do you wish other people knew about the ICC? It’s extremely affordable! Rent is probably at least half the cost of typical apartments in Ann Arbor. 

What is something the ICC offers you that couldn’t be provided by an apartment complex or traditional renting situation? A sense of community, I’ve met so many amazing people through the ICC that I wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. 

What’s your first memory of living in the ICC? I met my roommate and then we went out to coffee right next door (there’s a place called the Common Cup just a few steps away from our house!)

Why are you supporting the ICC as opposed to local landlords or corporations? The ICC has the best interest for its members, unlike many landlords. Ann Arbor landlords are known to not be the most reasonable but the ICC genuinely is. I’ve worked as a Member Assistant for the ICC for two semesters now and I get to see what goes on with the office and the people who work behind the scenes. The ICC does it’s best to help it’s members and work towards making sure they can provide us with the cheapest and best housing available in Ann Arbor!