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Member Spotlight

Get to Know Some Of the ICC Members

Stephen “Dad of Truth” Tryban

House: Truth
Time in the ICC: 5 terms
Leadership Position: Board Representative

What does a normal week in the life of an ICC leader look like?
Meetings. Lots of meetings. And likely juggling house questions and the occasional conflict.

How did you first get involved with a leadership position within the ICC?
I was encouraged by the board representative before me, who believed it’d be a great opportunity for me to grow within the organization.

What is most rewarding about your position; what makes it all worthwhile?
Being able to see the organization from a top-down perspective and understanding just how far our organization has come. And it’s still growing!

How do you keep a healthy work/life balance?
Talk with my housemates about their interests and start the most random conversations, especially when they don’t necessarily relate to my academic work.

What do you wish other people knew about the ICC?
It may seem like a jarring experience at first, but in time living in a community will seem like second nature. Any other living experience will pale in comparison.