Providing affordable student housing since 1932


Board of Directors (BoD)

The ICC Board of Directors, Standing Committees and Teams exist to manage and oversee all of the various aspects of running a cooperative non-profit. Each group is specialized for a specific area of administration. Some committees have the power to take action and make policy changes on their own, while others research and discuss issues and make recommendations to the Board or the membership.

The BoD meets on Sundays at the ICC Education Center typically at 5:00pm. During the Fall/Winter meetings usually occur every other week with exceptions for School Breaks and National Holidays. During the Spring/Summer meetings are usually once a month with exceptions for School Breaks and National Holidays.


The President of the ICC is elected in March by a vote of the entire membership. The procedure for electing the president is described in our By-Laws and Standing Rules. The President shall serve for the entire fiscal year (May-April.) The President is eligible for a scholarship that covers house and ICC charges.

Vice Presidents

The Vice Presidents are elected by the Board of Directors following the election of the ICC President. The VP’s shall serve for the entire fiscal year (May-April.) The VP’s are eligible for a scholarship that covers 3/4 of ICC charges.

Board Representatives

Each Board Representative is elected by house members during the Winter contract period for the following Fall contract period. Ideally, BoD Reps serve the entire fiscal year. However, our members are mostly students so we tend to have a Spring/Summer Board as well as a Fall/Winter Board.

Articles of Incorporation

This is where we got our start folks, way back on January 13th 1944! Though we provided housing as early as 1932, it took a few years for our fellow co-opers to qualify as a legal non-profit organization. The Articles are ironclad and can only be changed in dire circumstances at the State Government level.


After the Articles of Incorporation comes our Bylaws, created on November 18th, 1969. They outline what membership means, who our corporate officers are, assigns duties of the Board of Directors and a host of other fun things. Changes are made infrequently through a referendum of the entire membership, typically done at the Winter Annual Meeting (WAM.)

Standing Rules

Our Standing Rules (SR’s) are the main operational guidelines of the ICC. They are frequently updated as the needs of our membership change overtime. Proposals are routed through the Coordinating Committee and approved or rejected by the Board of Directors. They are divided into three sections: Membership & Board of Directors, Central Operations, and House Operations.


Policies vary throughout the ICC, though they are most commonly utilized on the Committee level. These documents are created by the committee, team or administrative department and do not need formal Board Approval. Policies cover operational activities that don’t require formal BoD approval.

House Constitutions

The documents outlined above, provide guidance for the ICC as a whole. Every co-op house outlines their own guidelines for community living. These House Constitutions (HC) tend to be geared more towards theming and operations of the house e.g vegetarian only meals, substance free, work hours, etc. HC’s are reviewed and edited by the membership of the co-op house through a house vote. Houses can provide stricter guidelines though they cannot override the SR’s. Make sure you review your houses HC here!