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Teams play a tremendously important role in the co-ops. In general, teams are established more on an ad-hoc basis and are tasked with goals/objectives that committees are unable to address (due to limited resources or expertise.) They are different from committees as their chairs don’t sit on the Coordinating Committee.

Alumni Team (AT)

AT ensures a viable and successful Alumni Association through the development and maintenance of the ICC Alumni Program.

Co-opers for Healthy Relationships (CHR)

CHR is a group of ICC members dedicated to cultivating a positive  institutional climate that prevents sexual violence and promotes healthy relationships. We foster conversations and provide resources to promote consent, trust and fairness. We aim to be intersectional in our approach and advocate for the continued healing and growth of our co-op community.

Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team consists of all the maintenance managers from all houses. It provides a forum for Maintenance Staff to train managers on common maintenance tasks as well as providing a place for managers to network with others and discuss maintenance issues.

Dispute Assistance and Resolution Team (DART)

DART is an advisory team of ICC members and staff which supports the efforts of members and houses seeking resolution various concerns, problems and disputes. DART promotes a culture of dispute resolution in the ICC which is proactive, consistent, balanced, peaceful, and fair. DART does not typically engage directly in dispute resolution processes, but encourages members to be proactive, creative, and peaceful in addressing issues and resolving concerns. Primary responsibility for the resolution of differences rest squarely in the hands of members and houses.

Creative Communications Team (ICC-T)

ICC-T creates, edits and promotes ICC central communications in all realms, including online through the website, social media accounts, flyers, print, images, video and etc. ICC-T is an umbrella team that includes partnerships with MRC and the Webteam.

Size Management and Restructuring Team (SMART)

SMART researches opportunities for growth of the ICC, by investigating potential property purchases or sales. Oversees all purchases and renovations in preparation for occupancy.

Sustainability Team

The Sustainability Team strives towards educating team members, the board, the staff and the ICC as a whole on ways of reducing ecological harm and the increasing long- term environmental sustainability of the co-ops.