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Committees are an important part of the governance and operations of the ICC. They do the work of the organization through the standing committees below. ICC committees also provide significant ways for members to get involved, develop new leaders and can often more effectively focus on a specific set of issues and create solutions than the Board as a whole can.

Coordinating Committee (CoCo)

CoCo consists of the President, General Manager, and all the Vice Presidents that chair the committees. They meet weekly to coordinate central leadership activities, ensure that the ICC is adhering to our cooperative values, and provide information to the Board of Directors. CoCo also assists members in preparing proposals to alter the Standing Rules or organizational practices. Proposals are then brought to the Board to be put though Kwuncensus, a form of consensus decision making. Long and short term organizational planning is another important focus for CoCo and assists us in meeting the goals set forth by members and the Board.

Diversity & Education Committee (DivEd)

*under construction due to the merging of Diversity and Education*

DivEd works to promote awareness of cultural diversity and minority issues in the ICC, prevent discrimination and ensure equitable treatment. The committees’ main purpose is to guarantee that all people who will embrace the fundamental values of the ICC shall have equal and equitable access to membership in and, subsequently, the services and government of, the ICC. They fulfill their goals by providing support, information and education to ICC members on diversity issues that include possible discrimination and awareness.

EdCom is the entity responsible for educational events in the ICC. Alongside the Vice President for Education (VPEd) and the Member Services Coordinator (MSC), EdCom organizes and facilitates meetings, trainings, community circles, and basically all types of co-op get-togethers that provide space for learning, around the cooperative movement, the ICC specifically, historical + contemporary issues, etc., and community building.

In planning events, we think about the needs of the ICC in relation to the makeup of our members and the state of our greater community and world, as well as what is fun, engaging, and can fuel our creative + cooperative energies! Thus, the events that EdCom organizes can vary greatly from year to year. Ultimately, we hope that we are able to create spaces in which members of the ICC are able to reflect upon this community and their role within it, share and explore new and different ideas with one another, and grow and love together as humans living cooperatively. We aim to challenge our membership to think more critically about intentional community while at the same time living it!

One big event that EdCom is responsible for is the Winter Annual Meeting (WAM), a themed​,​ end​-of​-the​-year reflection and celebration where members and co-op guests share in a communal meal, look toward past, present, and future, and lift up ICC all stars! ​EdCom hosts a number of required workshops, including BoD Retreat, House Presidents Training, New Member Orientation, the Fall Annual Meeting, and New House Officer Training. ​

EdCom also loves to collaborate with other committees on events such as Cooperative Leadership Training (Diversity Committee), Financial Literacy Training (Finance Committee), and more! Anyone interested in organizing an event related to learning and growing in the ICC in any way is welcome to use EdCom as a resource and partner.

If you have concerns, questions, or ideas concerning cultural diversity and equitable treatment in our houses contact the Diversity Committee at the link below:

Facilities Management Committee (FamCom)

Fam Com plans and oversees huge maintenance projects (over $10,000), creates long term development goals, oversees the purchase of new houses, and makes corresponding recommendations to the Board of Directors. It is made up of the V.P. for Facilities, the Maintenance Director, some house board reps and any other interested members.

Finance Committee (FinCom)

FinCom manages the financial policy of the ICC. Every year FinCom’s main responsibility is the creation of the next fiscal year’s budget along with monitoring the current year’s budget. This is not the only role FinCom plays in the ICC. Any financial policy changes are brought to FinCom before they are made official. In most cases FinCom generates these changes as the financial needs of membership change. They also serve as an important link between individual house finances and the finances of the ICC as a whole, as they work with house treasurers. Scholarships and payment plans are approved by FinCom making members of FinCom a vital cog in the battle against the financial machine of higher education. This committee is chaired by the VP for Finance and advised by the Director of Financial Services. Board Reps and concerned members make up the voting members of the committee (house treasurers are encouraged to inquire about serving on FinCom.)

Marketing & Recruitment Committee (MRC)

The Marketing & Recruitment Committee designs and implements our advertising, such as newspaper ads, radio spots, University of Michigan student organization resource center ads (diag boards, banners, bus signs, etc.), and flyering. It consists of the V.P. for Marketing, the Director of Housing Services (staff member), some house presidents, and other interested members. Committee meetings are held monthly.

Come join MRC if you want to have fun getting people excited about cooperation! Activities include painting banners, flyering, creating newspaper and radio ads, Diag boards, and bus signs.

Operations Management Committee (OpsCom)

The Operations Management Committee designs and implements policies and procedures for membership issues, such as contracts, contract dates, deadlines, gender ratios, etc., and also handles some membership-related problems within houses, such as high vacancy rates and expulsion requests. It consists of the V.P. for Operations, the Director of Housing Services, some house presidents, and other interested members.