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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Housing, Contracting and Safety at the ICC

August 27, 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Housing, Contracting and Safety at the ICC



The ICC welcomes you to apply to become part of this amazing, cooperative, social justice-based community. In order to ensure you feel safe current members and staff are living safely now and are planning for the coming academic year. Here’s what we’re doing:

ICC Plan for Members Returning to Their Co-ops
On behalf of the entire Inter-Cooperative Council, we want everyone to know we have very detailed plans for a safe move-in and ongoing living environments at the ICC this year. At every single Board of Directors, committee and team, and staff meeting since March, we have been planning to keep our current and new members safe and supportive of each other.
Here are some of the details of our plan with a link to a copy of our central Plan of Action (though there are many other surveys, work schedules, food/meal planning, cleaning and labor, etc. documents being used in addition to this plan.

Moving In and Food / Dinners – Please see HERE for full Move-In and Cleaning Plans and Guidelines and part of this includes the following recommendations:

  • The ICC COVID-19 Task Force is currently discussing with house leaders how to safely make and provide meals and more will be posted on this soon.
  • Quarantine for 14 days before move-in. If you must have a shortened quarantine period before move-in, contact your interim manager.
  • Members must complete the house move-in form prior to move-in, and contact house interim manager for house-level recommendations and expectations [(insert house name) ( or]
  • Only members with an active contract are allowed inside the house. Non-contracted move-in helpers can bring items to the door to assist members moving in.
  • Masks must always be worn while on house property during move-ins.
  • Houses will schedule specific times during daylight hours for move-in. A team of housemates will be available to help you move in!
  • If you do not complete the move-in form in advance and contact your interim manager to arrange move-in time slots, we will be unable to provide move-in accommodations. You must contact your house president for further instructions.

***If you have COVID-19-related symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19, please contact your house Interim Manager and do not move in. You can move in once you do not have any symptoms or additional test results are negative.

Board of Directors (BoD) Guidance: 
  • The BoD confirmed additional options to opt out of a housing contract DUE to COVID-19. Contract release options are detailed further down in this article.
  • The BoD required all houses to provide a house-specific, written, clearly posted COVID-19 policy, including a guest policy. There is a form on our website for all houses to use as a way to create the policy.
  • All ICC Houses are not permitted to host a party or social gathering event inside and outside in any space that cannot support social distancing between 10 non-house members (including driveways and porches) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The BoD also reviewed the longer COVID-19 ICC Plan of Action – a very long, guiding document based on CDC, Univ. of Michigan, and Washtenaw County Health Department (county of Ann Arbor) guidelines. This Plan and its elements
Connection and Partnership with the University of Michigan
  • General Manager Nick Coquillard works directly with the U-M Asso. Dean of Students Sarah Daniels constantly. The ICC, the greatest extent possible, is modeling its support of its members in concert with U-M’s approach.
  • IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND: Any members having personal concerns around COVID-19 and being potentially sick MUST IMMEDIATELY contact the University of Michigan  University Health Services (UHS).
  • The ICC has plans to support and quarantine members IF there is a diagnosis of COVID-19, and it also MAY be possible to access U-M designated spaces to quarantine in. Any consideration of this resource will be discussed with UHS.
  • Members who cannot afford to get tested, and aren’t U-M students, and do not have insurance are urged to contact the General Manager immediately at
Other Important Notes: 
  • ICC Staff have very strict office visitation parameters and requirements and is performing pre-work temperature checks and documentation each and every day before our shifts as we have been since March/April.


  • Houses are reviewing and updating their guest policies to ensure the safety of their members.
  • Move-in and move-out plans are being developed to support social distancing and the safety of all members and their families.
  • Each house has work and cleaning plans and schedules in place and each conducts a full-house “work holiday” each term to deep clean and more.
  • Each house has a house officer system, led by a house president, to constantly communicate with and support all ICC members. Periodic, whole-house meetings and house-specific social media ensure full cooperation and support of each other.
  • The ICC Main Office (337 E. William St., Ann Arbor) protocols are clear and published for all working in and visiting the office. Daily screening, constant cleaning, wearing of masks, use of protective plexiglass barriers, and good air circulation highlight our safety protocols.


  • Please go here to get more information about signing a contract for the 2020-2021 contract period.
  • The ICC is the most affordable option for student housing in Ann Arbor and we must be available to all who need us. Therefore, the ICC will not be releasing members from contracts unless they
    • a) find a replacement;
    • b) petition the Contract Release Committee; OR
    • c) pay the Contract Buyout Fee. Contract release details can be found at Chapter 7 of the ICC Standing Rules available on this website at My Membership –> Governance –> Standing Rules and Policies. We all at the ICC 100% understand the remarkable stress COVID-19 is causing and invite you to please access other financial resources we offer.
  • Can I get released due to COVID-19? The only COVID-19 related releases are:
    • Recalled to home country; or
    • Banned from traveling to the United States; or
    • Have a compromised immune system (with doctor documentation); or
    • International Program cancelled by the University of Michigan.
  • The University of Michigan or other local institutions having online classes is not grounds for release.
  • Please use the Contract Release Request Form for any further COVID- 19 releases. (You can also go to My Membership–>Member Forms)


  • The Finance Committee is actively working to promote and process scholarships. Click HERE for more information or go back on this website to My Membership –> Finances –> Scholarships.
  • Payment Plans – For qualifying members who fall on hard times, a payment plan may be available by working with the Finance Committee and Finance Staff.


  • A member-driven group consisting of the Alumni Team and Fundraising Committee are working towards a second phase of fundraising to help out members directly impacted by COVID-19 (see here). After raising a bit more than $4,000 in its initial fundraising effort, the ICC has hired an ICC member to directly campaign for our COVID-19 Fund. More information will be shared ASAP.


  • The Board of Directors, Staff, and the Coordinating Committee (CoCo-our Board’s Executive Committee) members are following all Washtenaw County Health Dept. requirements, recommendations, and business guidance — most based on the CDC — including a full screening before working in the office and out on site and other
  • To reach a member of our Coordinating Committee please email to
  • For contacting staff, it’s best to please email the staff member you are trying to reach directly — or or for the General Manager — who can connect you to who you are trying to reach. Please request a meeting if you want one – we are here!

The ICC aims to update this section at least weekly from now, on so please check back often. I wish you well and thank you for considering and hopefully joining the ICC.

Nick Coquillard, GM and including
ICC Coordinating Committee
ICC Board of Directors
ICC Staff Team