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Share Return Delay: Update

June 27, 2019

November Update

We are finalizing the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 house closings and share returns. We anticipate beginning to mail out share return checks the end of this month. We continue processing early share returns as quickly as possible. We will begin Spring/Summer 2018 next.

August Update

We are currently working through the details of the Fall/Winter 2017/2018 member files and staff members have been added to help with the process.  As we finish each house, we will be mailing refund/share return checks.  We are also working through the Early Share Returns as quickly as we can.  Don’t forget to keep us updated with your current address by filling out a new Share Return Form if you move!

July Update

We have mailed all SS2017 checks now, if we have a current address.  Now we are working on FW17/18 to verify charges and expenses and to review individual accounts to look for discrepancies.

June Update

We have mailed all of the Spring/Summer 2017 checks (if we have a share return form) except for Escher. We are getting the final answers to questions so that we can mail Escher this week.

We have started working on Fall/Winter 2017-18, but checks won’t be written until at least 7/31/19, depending on how many discrepancies we find and how many share return forms are missing.

Please make sure you’ve filled out the Share Return form to reduce any further delays or lost checks.

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