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Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement Form

This form is used to process any checks or reimbursements needed in the course of operational business. Staff or CoCo member fills out and provides a digital signature for approval. Form is then sent to the Finance Staff and processed.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Requested by:
Who's filling out this form
Pay to the Order of:
Who should get the funds?
What was purchased for what event / use. Please indicate which line item it should be expensed to. Examples: (Keyboard & Mouse-- Best Buy $1.00 to 64150 Office Equipment Expense.) (Facilitation Support--DART $50.00 to DART Team line item unknown.)


Receipt or Minutes attachment options
Max. file size: 128 MB.
Google Drive--make sure permission is granted to finance staff
Please explain any missing receipts.


Staff or CoCo signature required