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Scholarship Application

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  • Dear Scholarship Applicant, 

    Document Uploads. To assist in the efficiency of completing applications, all upload fields are required. There are no exceptions. If insufficient documentation is submitted, the VP for Finance will send at least one email to the corresponding applicant in order to request additional, sufficient information. All questions regarding document uploads may be directed to the Finance Committee via

    Final Decision. All award decisions will be made by the Finance Committee. All recipients will be notified by email shortly thereafter. All questions regarding final decision may be directed to the Finance Committee via

    If you have a concern regarding a finance or scholarship policy or decision, or you have a special circumstance for us to consider, you may follow the appeal procedures below:

    1. Present your situation to the VP for Finance. All options for resolving the situation should be explored with the VP before moving to the next step. If the situation cannot be resolved, the VP will determine the course to take in Step Two.

    2. One of the following actions will be taken:

    • Your situation will be presented by the VP for Finance to the Finance Committee This occurs when unusual circumstances are presented that may require exceptions to standard finance or scholarship policies or procedures.
    • You may complete an appeal form and schedule an appointment to discuss your circumstances with the Finance Committee. This occurs when unusual circumstances do not exist but a Finance Committee policy is questioned, or when a student is not satisfied with a policy as explained by the VP for Finance.

    3. If, after completing Step 2, you feel the situation warrants further consideration, you may ask for a review and consultation with the Board of Directors.