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Emergency Response Training: Saturday

Starting the first Saturday in May, ICC will be holding mandatory conflict and emergency response training for all House Presidents. The first session will be Saturday, May 6th from 10am-3pm at The ICC Education Center (Moses Coady / Paulo Freire Education Center), 1522 Hill St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Recent incidents have shown a serious gap in some key skills required for House Presidents to perform their roles effectively and maintain safety for the member residents they are meant to serve. We will use processes similar to those demonstrated at the recent 2023 Winter Annual Meeting. This will be new material for all presidents.

Additional training for new house presidents will continue on a staggered schedule the following week (May 9 – 11). Contact Ron for further info

This training must be done in a group. No individual makeup sessions will be administered. Any HPs who cannot attend May 6th will be required to arrange their own makeup session, which must be attended by a minimum of six (6) people to be organized by that president.

Because of the severity of the issues prompting the training, this is being considered a matter of public safety. Failure to attend may result in house fines, and/or other sanctions according to the Standing Rules and existing education policies.

Please contact me (Notorious Pink) by email ( if you have any questions about the training. You may also reach me by text or phone call at (646) 403-1004. Thank you all for your understanding and continued service.