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Joy Project Update

The Joy Project is off to an amazing start!  Seven (7) residents, all queer, trans and persons of color, will spend 8 weeks (from July 1 – August 18, 2023) sharing a beautiful house (Rivera), engaged in an intersectional exploration of what joys means, and how we might express that outwardly. Each resident, on a modest budget, will be challenged to push their own boundaries of joy. Collectively they will:

  • Imagining and physically manifesting what a queer, trans, and BIPoC space looks like
  • Creating permanent and impermanent installations within/around the house
  • Reviewing and/or creating new policy for within-house liberatory cooperative procedures
  • Introducing theory, language, art, texts, conversations, spoken word, installations, how-to guides, tangible and intangible visions, zines, essays, and/or any other forms of realization for this space.

Take a look at the first fundraising initiative and pass along to your communities.