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Radical Activism Strategies Reading Group

Hey everyone,

It’s your humble zillenial staff member back in your inbox imposing accountability upon you once again.

For anyone who is committed to continued education in the realm of activism and social justice, I implore you to participate (however you can, even if you’re unable to read the texts and solely attend discussions) in our community-led ICC reading group for the 2023 Spring/Summer term.

I suggest two books for us to read side-by-side, chapter by chapter in tandem:

How might we take a critical eye to theories of the past, while still honoring those who came before us and made the platforms we have now available to us?
What does liberation look like?
What does it take to “arrive” at liberation?

Are there definitive answers to those questions? Probably not. Are we at a point where we can deeply consider these questions thoughtfully and work towards finding answers to them within supportive, non-judgmental community? I believe so.

If this email sparks curiosity in you, I gently ask that you send your general weekly Spring/Summer availability for discussions via this wheen2meet: Hybrid and zoom meetings are always an option.

It’s likely that discussions will be held biweekly or monthly, depending on schedules aligning and community interest. The goal is to never overload anyone. The goal is to lift as we rise, to level the playing field, & to potentially introduce new perspectives and theories that bring us closer to living our liberation as a community.

If you have questions, need assistance with making these discussions accessible to you, have suggestions, edits, or ~~~thoughts~~~~~, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My appointment scheduling link is in my signature.

Please forward this to whoever you might like, especially future ICC members.

Thank you for your consideration, your ongoing work towards liberation, your solidarity within and outside our cooperative, and for being you.

Guff love,
Lenny Lamping
Director of Member Resources
Inter-Cooperative Council
Pronouns: they/them

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