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Scholarship Position Open: Member Assistance Coordinator

As the school year comes to a close and a new year in the ICC is about to begin, we are in need of a new Member Assistance Coordinator (MAC)! The MAC is in charge of administering the central labor structure of the ICC, the Member Assistance Program, similar to what a work manager does at the house-level.

In recognition for the additional labor and time the MAC contributes to the ICC, the position fulfills the MAC’s house chore obligation and they receive a leadership scholarship that covers 50% of ICC central charges (equivalent to a $342.50 reduction in charges every month next year)

For more information, check out the MA job description here and a timeline of responsibilities and duties here. If you are interested in applying for the role, please submit an application here.

Applications are due Wednesday, April 26th and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis from Sunday, April 23rd – Friday, April 28th.

Being a Team Chair can be a fulfilling and rewarding leadership experience. Here are some qualities that would make a member a good candidate for any of these positions. By no means is this a prerequisite list, just some information to give you a better idea of what the position entails. In particular, candidates should:

  • Be available and willing from at least May 1, 2023 through April next year
  • Expect to keep a clear & regular line of communication with the Board of Directors, Coordinating Committee, and staff as needed
  • Be organized, an effective communicator, and a patient person
  • Be self-directed with good time management skills to handle the flow of work without direct supervision
  • Have some job-specific skills as outlined in the application and job description
  • View their work in the cooperative movement as a labor of love
  • If you have any questions about the role or would like to set up a time to talk more about the position, feel free to email Seth (the current MAC) at

In cooperation,