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Spring/Summer Major Maintenance Plans

The Maintenance Team has big plans for the next few months.  Major Maintenance is planned for Escher, Truth and Linder.  Plus many of the houses are getting inspected for the first time in several years.  $150,000 has been set aside to complete major projects that may be required by inspectors from the City of Ann Arbor.

At Escher House the focus will be in the basement, the kitchenettes, and the exterior of the building.  The two kitchens in the basement will be tackled one at a time.  Some of the commercial equipment will be replaced.  The dining room serving areas have warming and cooling tables that are more than 50 years old and are due for an upgrade.  Throughout the basement there are leaky drainpipes, old water shut-offs, and hose bibbs all due for replacement.  On the exterior of the building the basement service doors will be replaced and concrete stairs throughout the courtyard will be restored.  Finally, the exterior siding needs repair in several areas around the building.  Work at Escher will likely continue for the full spring summer term.  At least one basement kitchen and dining room will be operational at all times.

Linder House needs to be painted.  That wood siding is pretty amazing but paint is key to making it last for a few more decades.  Linder is also slated for an upgrade in the kitchen.  New cabinets and a better sink set up are coming too.  The plan is to install a sink with a bigger basin for the dish sprayer and to protect the wooden cabinets.

Truth House is getting accessibility upgrades to accommodate mobility challenged members.  The pitched roof will be replaced and the second phase of boiler room renovations will be completed.

Just like the wave of kitchen inspections currently underway, housing inspections are returning this summer as the city works to catch up after a long delay because of the pandemic.  The maintenance team wants to take some steps before the inspections to fix things that are clear code violations.  There may be more to do after the inspectors come through.  It is their job to assess the structural integrity of each house as well as the ability of members to avoid danger in case of a fire or other disaster.