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Work Priorities

September 3rd


  • Prioritizing the support and work in the finance department and continued onboarding of Ann. We are meeting and determining priorities and how to divide up the many tasks. Daily work with Ann and Mary.
  • Various work items related to Board Training coming up next week. Also proposals out there being discussed.
  • Vaccines in the workplace policy development.
  • Workplace conflict and communication course work and related items.
  • Audit-related work including working on time/leave updates, and other misc. tasks as I can.
  • Shares completion work – specifically collating all releases for 19-20 (with McKinney)
  • Work on long-term debt processing from members who have left.
  • Tech-related planning for the ICC (planning meeting this week).
  • CERA (charges support) processing.
  • Emotional Support Animals processing and updating our ICC records for ESAs.
  • Article updates for the Alumni Cooperator and the Annual Report.
  • Many meetings, 1:1’s, with staff, Julian, and others.