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Heat Systems & Thermostats

House Heat System Thermostat Locations Region Controlled Specific-room heat-fan thermostats
    Floor Room Wall Direction   (connected to hot water systems)
Baker Forced Air 1 2nd 917 Hallway W 917 Forced Air (Rms 16-22, Common Areas) --
Forced Air 2 2nd 923 Stairway S 923 Forced Air (Rms 1-9)
Hot Water 2nd Room 11 S Rms 5, 10-15, 23-25, A-E, Dining Rm
Make-Up Air Kitchen - Stat + Summer/Winter Switch on N Wall Kitchen (Unit located on roof.)
Black Elk Two-Pipe Steam 1st Front Hall N (behind hall closet) Entire House --
Hot Water 1st Lower Kitchen E Lower Kitchen (Toe-Kick Heaters)
Electric Baseboard Basement TV Room W (On Unit) TV Room
Electric Baseboard Basement Storage Room E (On Unit) Storage Room
Electric Baseboard 2nd Room 5 W (On Unit) Room 5
Debs Hot Water Boiler Room Controlled Entire House --
Gregory One-Pipe Steam 1st Lounge SE 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Floors --
Hot Water Basement Hallway SE Basement
King Forced Air 1st Apt 2 - Bedrm Hallway W Entire House --
Electric Baseboard Basement Apt 6 - Living Room N (On Unit) Apt 6 Living Room
Electric Baseboard 1st Apt 1 - North Bedroom N (On Unit) Apt 1 North Bedroom
Lester Hot Water 1st Dining Room NE Entire House --
Make-Up Air Boiler Room - Summer/Winter Switch on NW Wall Kitchen (Unit located in boiler room.)
Linder Forced Air 1 1st Common Room S 1st Floor --
Forced Air 2 2nd Hallway S 2nd and 3rd Floors
Luther 1510 Forced Air 1st TV Room S All Rooms on Forced Air (Rms 1,4,5,8,9,13) --
Hot Water 2nd Room 6 S All Rooms on Hot Water (Rms 2,3,6,7,11,12)
Wall Furnace 1st Room 14 S (On Unit) Room 14
Wall Furnace 1st Room 15 S (On Unit) Room 15
Wall Furnace x2 2nd Room 10 E (On Unit) Room 10
Luther 1520 Hot Water 1st Living Room E 1st Floor --
2nd Hallway E 2nd Floor
3rd Hallway E 3rd Floor
Electric Baseboard Basement Room 16 S Room 16
Electric Baseboard Basement Room 17 N Room 17
Mich Hot Water 1st Lounge W Lounge --
2nd Hallway S Entire House
Minnies Hot Water 1st Front Hall W (by basement stairs) Entire House --
Nakamura Hot Water Boiler Room Controlled Entire House Kitchen fan unit w/ stat on S wall
Osterweil Hot Water 1st Living Room W Entire House --
Owen Hot Water 1st TV Room E Entire House Storage rm fan unit w/ stat on N wall
Make-Up Air Boiler Room Controlled Kitchen (Unit located in boiler room.) --
Ruths' Hot Water Basement Lounge S Basement --
1st Living Room S 1st Floor
2nd Hallway S 2nd Floor
3rd Room 10 E 3rd Floor
Truth Hot Water Basement Computer Room NW Basement --
1st Dining Room SW Dining Room + Kitchen
1st Living Room SE Living Room + TV Room
1st Room 1999 NE Room 1999
2nd Room 201 NE Bedrooms Area - N Side (1st & 2nd Floors)
2nd Room 204 NE Bedrooms Area - S Side (1st & 2nd Floors)
Make-Up Air Boiler Room Controlled Kitchen (Unit located in boiler room.)
Vail Hot Water Boiler Room Controlled Entire House Kitchen fan unit w/ switch on unit
NC Hot Water
(9 boilers)
1st/2nd All Lg Singles -- Respective Lg Single & Adjacent Rooms --
2nd Each Suite Lounge -- Respective Lounge
1st Each Suite Kitchen -- Respective Kitchen
Basement All Common Rooms -- Respective Common Room
Basement Basement Kitchens -- Respective Kitchen Heat Fan Unit
Bsmnt/1st All Exterior Entrances -- Respective Entrance Heat Fan Unit